3 Day Prayer and Sugar Fast Reset

What's in store for you during this incredible 3-day adventure?✨ 

🎧 Daily Private Podcast: Each morning you’ll get access to an episode with prayer and valuable insights that will uplift your spirit and guide you throughout the 3 days. Each day we'll tackle a topic on body, soul and spiritual grown! 

📓 Guidebook: This downloadable PDF journal will be your companion throughout the reset! Each day you'll be prompted to acknowledge how you're feeling that day, practice spiritual listening and reflect on how your day went. 

📲 Daily Live Session with Carrie on a  Members-Only Private Instagram Feed: Each day Carrie will be going Live on a members-only Private Instagram Feed tackling topics designed to help nourish your personal growth. 

🎶 Exclusive Spotify Playlist: Dive into a curated collection of worship music hand selected by Carrie that will uplift and inspire you during your sugar fast.

🥦 Simple Healthy Foods List: Fuel your body with delicious and nutritious meals that will support your overall well-being. From vibrant salads to nourishing smoothies, Carrie's got you covered with delicious recipes that align with your journey.

💪 Daily Exercise Ideas: Stay active and invigorate your body with a variety of exercise suggestions. Whether it's walking in nature, gentle stretching, getting in some cardio or strength training, Carrie provides you with daily ideas to keep your body moving and energized.

If you're feeling the call to nourish your soul and reset your relationship with sugar, this program is for you! 🌟

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Introducing The Well-Nourished Soul 3 Day Prayer and Sugar Fast Challenge—an all-encompassing program for holistic self-care. It goes beyond physical sustenance, nurturing your emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. Discover a balanced diet, daily exercise, emotional check-ins, spiritual listening, worship walks, evening reflection, and a daily private podcast episode. Join this transformative journey towards a well-nourished soul, fostering self-discovery, growth, and abundant blessings. Welcome aboard!

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