Podcast Your Purpose Course


Learn the basic skills of podcasting like tech and marketing (honestly, anyone can teach you that) but because your calling is higher, I'll teach you how to build a strong foundation and clarify your message for who God is calling you to serve! What you'll get:


Game Plan. In this module you'll build a solid foundation for your podcast including how to pair your skill with your passion to create a rockin' show topic, discovering who your ideal listener is, naming your show & crafting your vision statement. 

Module 1.1 - Where Skill Meets Passion    

Module 1.2 - Defining Your Audience   

Module 1.3 - Choosing a Podcast Topic    

Module 1.4 - Crafting Your Mission & Vision Statement    

Module 1.5 - Review


Build Your Show. Now that the foundation is laid you'll make decisions about your podcast like your format, the length of your show, how to book guests & booking etiquette, scheduling tips to make life easier & the best and most affordable equipment to get started with. 

  • Module 2.1 - Podcast Format    
  • Module 2.2 - Booking Guests    
  • Module 2.3 - Podcast Equipment    
  • Module 2.4 - Show Flow    
  • Module 2.5 - Creating Cover Art For Your Show


Technology. You will learn the step-by-step how to use your equipment, how to edit & record your episodes, where to host your podcast and how to connect it to your website.

  • Module 3.1 - Podcast Creation Workflow    
  • Module 3.2 - Recording and Editing Your Show    
  • Module 3.3 - Recording Interviews    
  • Module 3.4 - Exporting and Tagging Your Show    
  • Module 3.5 - RSS Feed    
  • Module 3.6 - Website


Launch Your Show. By week four ready to launch. You'll learn how to submit your show to iTunes, a launch plan that will get you off to a rockin' start and how to market your show so that you can serve your tribe and build your email list in the process! 

  • Module 4.1 - Submit Your Show To iTunes    
  • Module 4.2 - Best Practices    
  • Module 4.3 - How to Make Money Podcasting      


7 Modules

Module One: Your Game Plan

Learn how to build a solid foundation for your show including discovering your sweet spot or zone of genius, what you're going to podcast about, researching your avatar so you know exactly who you are serving, choosing a podcast topic, naming your show and crafting your vision + mission statement. 

Module Two: Build Your Show

You will learn how to build your show by choosing the right podcast format, my secret sauce of how to book great guests as well as the best podcast equipment without spending a ton of money! 

Module Four: Gear & Tech

In this module you'll learn how to use your podcast gear and technology including setting up your microphone, recording and editing your your show and setting up your RSS feed! 

Module Six: Launching Your Show

Prepare to launch your show and share it with the world. You'll learn how to submit your show to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, what to do during launch week and how to promote it! 

Modules for this product 7

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