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FREE Podcast Launch Cheat Sheet

Podcasting is the best way to get more leads, build trust and serve your community with content that lasts. 

Your social media posts, Reels and Facebook lives are no longer the best way to STAND OUT. Why? Because they're common which means you get lost in the scroll.

My Free Podcast Launch Guide that will help you visualize, publicize and monetize your message in a powerful way. Grab it NOW! 

Podcast Your Purpose Course

Looking to Create An Impact with a Podcast? 

Are you ready for an avenue that will add to your revenue, build a loyal audience become an authority in your area of expertise?

ENTER...the Podcast Your Purpose course! 

Not only will I teach you how to podcast, but also how to build a show that will help you reach your ideal client and expand your reach!


Quick Podcast Launch Method

Want the fast-track to launching a podcast? Then the Quick Podcast Launch Method is for you! 

There is one MAJOR ISSUE holding most first-time podcasters back from releasing their gift into the world....they suffer from Information Overload! 

The Quick Podcast Launch Method is a FAST and EASY step-by-step video series that teaches exactly how to put your show together, the best way to get your show heard and the equipment you need to get started!

Life can change in a moment, no longer let time keep you from sharing your voice.  

In this mini-course you will learn the "how" to launch your podcast in a weekend! 

Carrie will give you an overview on podcasting plus four guided lessons on exactly what equipment and software you need to podcast, the creative elements, a workflow for creating your episodes how to launch with a bang and much more!

Each lesson also includes a guided-template to enhance your learning experience.


If that's not enough, Carrie also gives her slide deck from the lessons, a .PDF of the lessons and much more!

Podcasting Tech Tutorial Bundle

This tech bundle is you're golden ticket to learning about how to set up your microphone, record, and edit your show whether you are a Mac or PC user!!!! 


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